44 page zine featuring tributes by graffiti artists & visual artists to the New Breed Compilation Tape from 1989
Layout & Design by Jonathan Buske | Buske Design
Featuring art by: MQ, Chris RWK, Chaka Malik, KEN ONE, Mackie Blitz, FCEE, GALLO, Djinji Brown, WOE, Drug Dogs, BUSKE, Tatu Paul, SHOE X-MEN, ELI, AWE, JERE, Keith JIVE, Liz Romano, POCH, PHECK, MESK Kyle Style, CORE 2, NEMO, Chris Beee, RIE. Lewis Dimmick, INK KDM, Monserrate, HYENA, Andy Fletcher, MAYO, Mark Gilson, Hand Selecta.
Published by Shining Life Press & Urban Styles NYC, 2022

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